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 rankings and promotions

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PostSubject: rankings and promotions   Tue Jun 17, 2008 12:13 pm

on the 1st of august there will be a promotion day throughout the alliance corps, meaning greater positions and responsibilty for succesful pilots

members will be graded on activity within these boards as well as with in game, activity is key
participation in fleet ran ops will be recognized and rewarded justly the more members work and play together the better we will all know and trust each other in space

there will also be a member nominee postion were you the valued members of the corps get to name a pilot who you think has helped aided, inspired u spammed or been most successful, progressed most etc whoever or whyever u feel deserves a little recognition (u cant nominate yourself ) directors are not entitled to vote but are entitled to be nominated this thread will be opened 1 week before the promotion day all members are encouraged to make a nomination

if any members wish to discuss ways to participate in a greater way within the corp or wish to fill a particular role feel free to contact the heads of your divisions be it the navy the industry or the inc and it can be discussed
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rankings and promotions
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