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 The March Expantion and T3 ships

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PostSubject: The March Expantion and T3 ships   Tue Nov 18, 2008 1:27 am

So if you haven't already seen it. I would like everyone to watch this video on the Eve home site Video. This video in about the middle explains the new T3 or "Modular Ships" These ships will be out in march and are to awesome to be believed. To where the possible combanations of ships you can make are in the thousands, yes not tens, or hundreds, but literaly thousands of diffrent ships that can be made. In light of that


As the newest expantion was based on industry. This one is revolved around exploration. I would like a key team of explorers trained up and ready to go out with me when the expantion hits to find these "Unstable Wormholes" (watch the video) and go into the uncharted parts of space they lead to. They are called uncharted because where the wormholes lead is unknown and not on the known map.

With a team of explorers will will be able to get in there and get what is needed to be some of the first to have this new tech. And finally, this is not happening in the summer when normal expantions come out. But in March, this is just four months away. But it doesn't take that long to learn to become a successful explorer.

I have been exploring since it first came out. If anyone is interested in doing this with me please feel free to contact me in game. Let's get sycked, And let's get that new tech!

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The March Expantion and T3 ships
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